As I was brainstorming rebranding graphics and ideas for the new Paper Glitter, I wanted to make a statement with the packages that leave my studio.  I send out various paper models and other tangible items in the mail for the toy industry, even though most of my work is digital deliveries to them. So I thought, why not take these mailing paper opportunities to the next level? I wanted to include a flowery surprise inside the boxes I send out. Above is a photo of one of the packages that went out last week. Aren’t they pretty? I’m hoping that the recipients take them & use them as decor to pretty up their offices & creative spaces.  And check it—I’m sharing them with you!  This right here is all yours! I’m including a free PDF file & cutting files as well (yeah , you read that right—I made CUT-ting files!).  Remember that these free files are always for your personal use only & enjoyment. Find them in the freebies section of the website & via this link in my dropbox account.