Look who’s back!

Hello you guys!  YES I am still around!  :)

You may remember this post about us moving on Nov 2012.  It has taken THIS long to find a new house!  The real estate market in Miami was a lot tougher than we could have ever imagined.  Securing a home was nearly impossible due to the high influx of investors grabbing properties.  In fact our last property was purchased by one of those same investors which should have been a clue.  But finally–after searching so much we found a dream home and we are so excited!  During the last few months what turned out to be a “temporary” studio space of about 6 x 3 feet, became my creative space for 1 year and 8 months. It was so challenging considering I have always had a full room if not more as a creative space for work and my Paper Glitter projects.  This small space only allowed for 2 things since Nov 2012…. #1 Freelance work for the toy industry in which I developed several Hello Kitty toys including this one and these !  And #2, with the help of Junior (my husband) we were able to process and pack rubber stamp orders without a problem.  Printables took a break from the front burner due to the lack of space.  During this break I thought long and hard about if I should be in the business of making printables again due to all of the piracy that went on.

As I unpack and find wonderful crafting supplies which I have not seen in so long…. I feel energetic!  I look forward to a brand new space which will be 11 x 11 feet! I will be taking pics of the progress of the new studio and posting pics on Instagram. In fact below are a few insta glimpses of what I have been up to including opening a brand new sister shop that will have rubber stamps only. This new sister shop will allow better categorizing as we both plan to have hundreds and hundreds of designs available.  We have taken all of the categories allowed on Etsy to file printables so making a sister store will be very helpful.  And by the way–I am taking requests.  I have been asked to make halloween, cakes, and turtle themed stamps among other things so please feel free to suggest.

On printables: I am still open in making these.  I think they are wonderful ways to create amazing projects in a short amount of time for the customers that buy them.  I may get my feet wet first with a project or two after I settle down.  Do you think the printables trend has sort of gotten cold?  I must admit, between all of the things going on in the last year and a half  (freelance and so much house searching) I have been out of touch with the printables world.  Fill me in!

What else?  Little Kaylee is 5 and turning 6 soon!  Little J is 3.  Can you believe it?

Feel free to drop a note if you would like.  Kind of curious as to what all of you crafty people have been up to.

So ready to be back to my old self.  Missed that crafty girl so much.

xo  Linnette




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5 years!

Screen shot 2014-05-08 at 9.55.29 AM


How awesome is this?  5 years went by just like THAT! 5 years ago on a day like today Paper Glitter was born via a new Etsy shop.  Thank you to all of you who follow or have supported the stores.  Here’s to many more!  xo Linnette


Happy Valentine’s Day !



I wish you all a fantastic Valentine’s Day!  xoxo  Linnette


Wedding Stamp

We are looking a couple of interested customers to order this stamp at 50% off so that we may use it in a photo shoot. Stamp is 3 x 1.5 inches max and it costs regularly $23-$33 depending on if you want a wood block or self inking stamp. If interested email paperglitter@gmail.com.  This is a perfect rubber stamp for an upcoming wedding to use as a wonderful DIY accessory. For more details on this stamp design visit our Etsy shop.



working on….


Making valentine baggies for my kiddo’s school.  I left the logo on—shameless self promotion !  Have a great weekend!