new valentine printables

I wanted to pop into the blog to post my latest round of valentine printables!  Find them all in my Etsy Shop.  My favorite has got to be the cute envelope!  It is inspired by this rubber stamp design in the shop.  Happy Valentine’s Day Paper Lovas!  xo Linnette
IMG_9179 copy 02_printable_mail_envelope_cute_kawaii copy 01_printable_mail_envelope_cute_kawaii copy IMG_9096 copy money_printable_valentine_craft copy washi copy 2valenint_wrapping_paper_printable_crafts_cute_kawaii





Cyber Monday Sale on Etsy!

Hello paper & rubber stamp lovers!  I am posting a cyber monday sale for the first time ever.  Use code MONDAY20 for 20% off everything in the Etsy shop!




Pencil Wrapping Paper


Ever since I offered the printable wrapping papers in the shop, I have been fascinated by the many uses you all have given them!  But let’s be honest, in the ideal paper size for them (large format) it is not always easy to get yourself to Staples or any other office supply shop to print.

I have noticed bunches of BEAUTIFUL printable wrapping papers in small sizes around the web and on Etsy, that were practical for home printing.  But I was reluctant to use them because of how “small” the paper would be.  I mean…what uses can you possibly have for wrapping that small?  So I took the challenge of exploring this myself and have a concrete answer.  And you know what the results were?  Small wrapping paper IS really useful!  And to print on the fly without having to buy a new role of paper for a quick present, presented itself to be quite a total delight.

I needed to wrap a couple of teacher gifts.  One was a self inked stamp from the shop and the other was a cute stack of thank you cards.  Both of the items were small but not tiny (the cards came in a 5 x 7 x 1.5 box).  I made a pencil pattern for the wrapping paper and some matching black cards and also belly bands to wrap the entire gift.  The black cards were printed on a black and white laser printer and the pattern was printed on a home ink jet printer on regular copy paper (the cheap stuff) BUT (and very important, pay attention to this):  I made sure to set the printing quality to “highest” on the print dialogue window. Seriously–a beautiful, vibrant print on cheap copy paper.  I was super impressed on how awesome and satisfying wrapping these were.

I am making these available in the shop.  The belly band and cards have editable text boxes for personalization.

Oh and one tip!  I printed these on 2 letterhead sheets and added double sided tape (or you can use a tape roller) to join 2 sheets to make an 11 x 17 sheet for a larger wrapping paper zise !  




new parent signature stamp



Today I ordered this stamp to be made for my daughter’s teacher. I thought it would be so cute as a self-inked stamp since teachers would use this all of the time.  Teachers can use this to make sure we (parents) clearly see if a paper they send home, needs a parent signature! I’ve made it available for purchase in the shop as a perfect end of the year teacher gift! Free shipping for all U.S. orders through May 31, 2015.  See this listing here on Etsy.


check out my temporary studio

So guys…I finally moved into our new home and we are pretty much settled in.  Finally. It has been a long 2 years searching for the perfect home but I can say it was worth the long wait.

So for the last 5-6 months I set up a temporary studio in my son’s “would be” bedroom.  The location inside the house where my “official” studio will be, is being remodeled. I actually thought I would be staying in the temporary studio for a while longer, but my 3 year old son had other plans….he kind of kicked me out a couple of weeks ago!  Can you believe it?  He no longer wanted to bunk with his sister and demanded a Minion themed bedroom…. immediately!

My son has his Minion room now, and is quite happy in his own space .  I have a few photos of the temporary studio to  show you.  Some of the photos are from my Instagram account (which by the way…are you following?) and all are taken with various phone cameras. Please forgive the inconsistencies in color/lighting throughout the post photos.

So I get to this all over again and set up another studio.  I will be sharing photos of the new studio  a few months down the road.  Some of the photos have some notes for you.  Enjoy!


I had 2 desk stations in the studio.  One for packing orders and the other (where the rainbow cloud is) for freelance work.


For me, storing wrapping paper is best on a cylinder bin.  This bin is from The Container Store.






Rainbow strips were made from origami paper to make stars with. I got these papers from Hong Kong.




I put all of my rainbow card stock inside a crate from Target.


Screen shot 2015-04-03 at 3.48.40 PM

Crepe paper in rainbow order. Crepe paper from Paper Mart.

image-6Dude!!  I got custom printed tape for all the shipped orders!! Source of tape noted on this Instagram Post.