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Paper is a very important element in using our printables and although we highly recommend using photo papers, they are not completely necessary if you make proper printer settings before printing on your ink jet printer. So what’s the difference between the two? Photo papers will make your prints have a much more vivid color presentation and the quality of the actual printing is virtually as good as a professional print job.  Do keep in mind that if you take your files to be printed on a laser printer at your local office supply shop, you can ask them to use photo paper compatible with their laser printers, and often at no additional charge. The finished printouts will look much more vivid. Below are details of different types of paper you can use with your printables and how to use them on ink jet printers. Do check your printer’s manual to confirm below papers are all forms of approved media for your printer.

Text weight paper is great for things like stationery sheets, envelopes, bottle wrappers and any project that does not require a sturdy paper media. 

Photo Paper (acceptable in any text weight)
We highly recommend Epson Presentation Paper MATTE (8.5×11 Inches, 100 Sheets) (S041062) 27 lb. & 4.9 mil.
Under “Quality & Media” in Adobe Reader®’s print window, set your printer to  “standard” quality  & choose “matte photo paper”.

Copy Paper (acceptable in any text weight)
Make sure that if you are using regular text weight copy paper, do make the following printer adjustments: Under “Quality & Media” in Adobe Reader®’s print window, set your printer to  “high” quality  & choose “plain paper”.

Heavy weight paper is great for things like paper toys, boxes, party hats, and any project that requires a sturdy paper media. We strongly recommend using photo paper.

Photo Paper (acceptable in any heavy weight)
We highly recommend Staples Photo Supreme Double-Sided Matte Paper, 8.5″ x 11″, 50 Sheets 61 lb. & 11 mil. This paper is our favorite and it is double sided so we love it even more!  It is sturdy, thick & brilliant. You will have to score hard using this paper though so do press a little harder when scoring. An alternative to this Staples Photo Paper is the Canon Matte Photo Paper, 8.5 x 11 Inches, 50 Sheets (7981A004) 45 lb. & 170 g/m 2 . This Canon Photo Paper was made with printables and paper crafts in mind. It is a little less heavy than the Staples® Photo Paper mentioned above, but still a very sturdy option & easy for scoring.
Under “Quality & Media” in Adobe Reader®’s print window, set your printer to  “standard” quality & choose “matte photo paper”.

Card Stock (acceptable in 110 lb. weight)
Make sure that if you are using regular card stock paper, do make the following printer adjustments: Under “Quality & Media” in Adobe Reader®’s print window, set your printer to  “high” quality & choose “plain paper”.

In some cases we will list craft paper as a suggestion for your project. Craft paper works great as an alternative look for coloring sheets. You can find craft paper from any craft supply store.  Be sure to check with your printer’s manual to make sure craft paper is an acceptable media for your printer. And if so, under “Quality & Media” in Adobe Reader®’s print window, set your printer to “standard” quality & choose “plain paper”.

With any cutter or crafting tool, please exercise proper safety guidelines.

We can not stress how important a great pair of scissors is, so do consider investing in a great pair and stay away from cheaper options.  A great pair of scissors not only will last you longer but your cutting will be so much easier.  Aside from cutting circles, all of the Paper Glitter projects you see in our photos are hand cut using a pair of Fiskars® scissors and nothing else. We like this Fiskars 01-005390 Premier Softgrip Titanium Non-Stick Scissors, 8-Inch . 

In many cases we recommend cutting our 2 inch circles within our printables with a 2 inch circle puncher, and sometimes a scalloped edged puncher.  All of the wheels in our vehicle boxes and all circle toppers, for example, are cut using a standard 2 inch circle puncher. We use the Uchida LV-SJCP40 Clever Lever Super Jumbo Craft Punch, 2-Inch Circle . If you only have access to a 2.25″ (2  1/4″ inch circle puncher) don’t worry–we have you covered.  We will include with your order, instructions on how to increase the scale of your printables to match a 2  1/4″ inch circle puncher such as this one from EK Success Tools Punch, Circle, 2.25-Inch, Large .

If cutting straight lines with scissors is not your thing, you could invest in a good paper trimmer such as this trimmer from Fiskars 152490-1002 Portable Paper Trimmer, 12-Inch . They are sturdy and long lasting and will cut straight lines quickly and these are perfect for cutting invitations, trimming signs, bottle wrappers, etc.

X-Acto knives are not needed much with our printables. We only have a hand full of printable projects that call out for an optional small incision to be made. Many customers still make these incisions with other tools that they may have handy. If you decide to need one, please be very careful with them and read the manufacturer’s instructions on how to use them.  Note that you will also need a cutting mat to for your work surface.

And lastly, in some cases you may need to punch out holes into your printables. We really love this one 1/8″ hole puncher from Fiskars 12-23518897 Hand Punch, 1/8-Inch, Circle . The hole is smaller than the standard 1/4″ hole puncher, and makes a small, less visible hole.

(Not all Paper Glitter projects will require scoring. The need to score will be noted on our printables & shop listings)

Scoring is very important when folding paper. All scoring lines are marked by straight dashed lines on our printables. Scoring is achieved by using a scoring tool and a straight edge, such as a metal ruler, to add a “depressed” line on your paper. Place ruler right next to the marked scoring line(s) on your printables and slide your scoring tool (firmly) along the side of the metal ruler. If you do not score before folding, you can get unexpected results like tearing, cracking or wrinkles on your paper. The objective of scoring is to make your paper folding easy and effortless. Scoring tools include:

– Bone folder like this Books by Hand Bone Folder
– An old ball point pen with no ink inside
– Ball burnisher like this Dual-Tip Stylus Embossing Tool Detail Burnisher- S

Scoring is quite easy to do.  The more you do it, the easier it will become. With practice you will know how little or how much pressure to make on to your paper.  Practicing on some scrap paper at first will be helpful until you get the hang of it.

Paper Glitter projects may require the use of some adhesives.  If so, they will be listed in the supplies tab on each product listing along with any of the above supplies if needed. Some adhesives to consider are:

– Double sided tape or a permanent bond tape runner
– White Elmer’s ® glue.
– One inch circle stickers (available at your local office supply shop-make sure to get the permanent kind). 
We always have these circle stickers handy for securing cupcake toppers to lollipop sticks, sealing boxes, sealing envelopes and many more uses


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