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Light Pink Heart Stickers 72 Labels

Price: $3.99
01_pink+heart+craft+paper+embellishment+scrapbook+cupply+supplies+stickers+valentines+hearts+cute+kawaii+decoration+party+favor+box+cut 02_pink+heart+craft+paper+embellishment+scrapbook+cupply+supplies+stickers+valentines+hearts+cute+kawaii+decoration+party+favor+box+cut 03_pink+heart+craft+paper+embellishment+scrapbook+cupply+supplies+stickers+valentines+hearts+cute+kawaii+decoration+party+favor+box+cut 04_pink+heart+craft+paper+embellishment+scrapbook+cupply+supplies+stickers+valentines+hearts+cute+kawaii+decoration+party+favor+box+cut


Product Includes
72 heart stickers (light pink color).
Each heart sticker measures 3/4 inches x 3/4 inches (0.75 ” x 0.75″ ).

Item ships within 1 business day, first class via United States Postal Service. Receive within 3 – 5 business days in the U.S.

Only 50 cents to ship anywhere in the U.S.A.

International Shipping: Please contact us so we can quote you on international shipping.

Packaged with a printed kawaii card with original art by Paper Glitter and inside a plastic bag.
Sticker sheets not recommended to be placed inside a printer.

Happy Crafting!


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Price: $3.99