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Kawaii Love Birthday Party

Christine of Pure Joy Events just posted a full post of the party she created for her daughter Caitlyn.  This amazing kawaii party left me speechless.  See the full post with many more photos here.   Additional photos in Pure Joy Events’ Facebook albums here & here. If you are a kawaii, panda, washi tape or  paper craft lover, seeing and pinning this party is a must.  The printables used for the party are from the Japanese Love Party Kit.  I have one thing to say to Christine…have mercy!

Full post of party HERE.  {Photos courtesy of Pure Joy Events}


My son’s 1st birthday celebration

So I have a little story to tell you.  As you may have noticed from the last blog post, due to my kids getting sick over and over again during the past few months, we decided not to do a “party” for my son’s 1st birthday and we decided on cutting a cake for him when he felt better instead.  It would have been for just us 4 and his grandparents.  This past weekend my son was feeling much better so we figured this past Sunday would be a good day to finally cut him a cake (he had been officially one year for almost a month now)!  On the night before, around 10 pm, I decided to print a cake topper for him….then I decided to print bunting ….then one thing led to another, I printed like 15 pages of the Printable Jungle Party Kit, yada yada yada, it was 5 am and I had a whole cute set up done!

I didn’t have time for a “dessert table” as we have been all used to seeing and it shouldn’t always be about making one.  Don’t get me wrong I LOVE me some cute dessert tables.  But it can be very unrealistic to create one for every single get together you may have.  I think it’s nice to work with what you have, some times.  So aside from the basic sweets I added items for my 2 kids, the silverware and some monkey plates :)  I  must say…since this was very last minute I could only work with what I already had around the house anyways and you know what????  I had very little stress since all the items of the table were already there for me–I had no choice but to use what I had.  It was all about making a pretty table for my 2 kids who I ADORE.

So in keeping this post real, let’s talk about what was on the table.  I had the jungle coloring sheet backdrop printed weeks ago, as I test them before putting them on sale–so I was lucky to have it handy.  My husband had bought a small ice ream cake from Coldstone the night before.   And we also bought some cupcakes just because…..well…… cupcakes + ice cream = yum!  The next day, we got 1.5 ounce hershey bars from Walgreens–one for each one of us.  That orange package  on the right were coloring books for  my kids. And we had some animal crackers laying around so I filled only one of the train boxes with them.  But I always line paper/ printed paper with wax paper, etc…for these train boxes I used coffee filters.   My mom made the cute hats on that Sunday.  Are they not the cutest!  I told her I loved craft paper mixed with fiery colors like the yummy colors in the color spectrum between yellow and orange and she worked her magic.  And let me just say that none of this could have been possible without printables !!!   How awesome was it to decide last minute to need decorations for anything and be able to print and make them in the wee hours of the night!?

I hope you enjoy these photos of our humble get together.  I really do hope they inspire you to always remember that you can create a pretty scenery for anything wether it is huge party or a small get together.

Oh but WAIT!  There’s more!  I have a small surprise for you.  It is kind of embarrassing as the quality is awful.  To keep me motivated that Saturday night and since I was working so fast, I thought if I took photos of the progress I was making on the table it would end up being a neat piece as  animated slides.  OF COURSE it would have been nice if I had a working tripod at the time but I did not.  And I am only showing it to you because it does tell a story.  See it below.

If you want to recreate something similar to this, I have the printable jungle party kit in the shop and I will add the extra items that I made for this celebration into it in the coming days.  You can find the kit as it currently stands in the shop HERE.  The coloring sheet backdrop can be found HERE.
Interesting fact–I put this party kit on sale right about the time I was having my contractions a year ago.  I remember uploading the photos of the kit to the Etsy shop and I was “feeling funny”.  9 hours later my son was born and he had a party kit already designed for his first birthday :)


Real Party: Dorian’s Monkey Birthday Party

Jennifer sent in photos of her son Dorian’s birthday party.  Jennifer is amazingly talented!  I love how she created this adorable party without overdoing the details and making all of it seem very feasible to make—right?  Love the rough look of the brown bags and the leafy accents.Jennifer really did utilize the Monkey Party Kit from the shop real well, using even the cutout pages to make cute center pieces. Check out the editable text banner–really a very impactful focal point to the table.

Great job Jennifer and thank you for sharing!

You can find the printable Monkey party Kit in the shop HERE and a girly version  HERE.

Hello Kitty Birthday Party: The Details

The StoryMy daughter, Kaylee, asked me for a Hello Kitty birthday party this year. Was I dissappointed that she did not want one of my printable party kits? HECK NO! I was DELIGHTED she picked this theme as I am slightly obsessed with Miss Kitty myself. As a toy designer, I have designed many items including lots of Sweet Shops in general and Hello Kitty playsets as well for toy companies (which you can view HERE).So I thought it would be a good idea to mix Hello Kitty with a Sweet Shoppe theme for the party. And here begins the madness —The Sweet Shoppe Printables + Hello Kitty StickersFor the paper goods I used my Sweet Shop Printable Party Kit (with editable text feature) from my shop. The colors were a perfect compliment to Hello Kitty!
I embellished all of the printouts with Hello Kitty stickers with the help of my daughter. THIS was so much fun! As you can see we had over 600 stickers to play with!

The Sweet Shoppe

I wanted to create a life-size playset that Kaylee could play with at her party and sell sweet goodies to the children attending–it was my BIG dream to make her this big toy to play with!
Even with a 2 month old baby to take care of, I was determined to make this happen for her–thank goodness for 2 grandmas we have near by to help!

There was a display with a plastic window built into the Sweet Shoppe to showcase her favorite cupcakes. Yes—there is actually a plastic window on the display :)

I used a new flower template to create these 4 petal paper flowers. I made them from color cardstock and I sell the templates in the Shop. Probably the only printable I used with no color ink needed!

I will post a tutorial of some sort in the future on this but basically t
he Sweet Shoppe was made using my office Ikea $20 table (yes–it is somewhere in there). Then I placed 1 inch thick foam boards for the bottom and top. The panels of foam board on top of the table and for the bottom of the roof have cut out circles for the poles to secure into. The poles are actually white wrapping paper rolls. I decorated the Sweet Shoppe with either decorative papers or my printable art at Staples on their large printer. Believe it or not this structure is pretty stable–those poles won’t come down by shaking either! I think I better buy a new table—I can’t possibly take this cute thing apart. Below is one photo I managed to take in the process of building it.

UPDATE: Sept. 13, 2011-You can download the art panels I used for the Sweet Shoppe for free HERE.

The Sweets

I wanted the desserts to reflect my daughter’s taste and have items that children would like including Japanese candies. I also wanted the cake to have a whimsical, simple look as if a child created it and decorated it with paper.

At the end of the party each family was sent home with a lovely box of goodies.

The Table & Decorations

Throughout the party I also added Japanese accents like the phrase “I love Sweets ” in Japanese, paper lanterns, a hanging Japanese store banner, origami stars, a bento box for Kaylee and origami lilies (which I made) for the tables.

Table mats were Wallpaper Art offered as a FREE download at!

The Wall

The background, amazingly, was very inexpensive. I bought some coloring sheets on a roll sold at Michael’s. I spent less than $10 on that entire wall and it looked so great next to all of the bright party colors.

The Menu

The menu was so cool to work with! I used Baker’s Twine from The Twineryto thread a Hello Kitty graphic on the top. I think it really came out cute and it makes a cute momento for Kaylee.
The Register & “Kaylee Dollars” I put a cash register next to the shop for Kaylee. Each child was given “Kaylee Dollars” (yes–I designed her own currency!). As they lined up to go to the Sweet Shoppe, they gave my daughter “Kaylee Dollars” in exchange for goodies from the shop.

You can buy and make your very own currency, by personalizing with Editable Text features from the Shop.

Bento Box

My husband really is the one responsible for the making of this. He really pushed me to try a bento box for once. I was so scared to as I know if done well, they can look spectacular! And with Kaylee being a picky eater it was worth a try. I found a tutorial on YouTube on how to make a rice shaped Hello Kitty head and followed the instructions. I bough a mold for it on Ebay too. The nose is corn and the eyes and whiskers are made of that black stuff you see sushi wrapped up in :) I think it came out pretty cute!

The adorable Hello Kitty cookie next to it is made by the Cookie Mamas on Etsy.

The End . . .

After all of that hard work, I relaxed at the party with Mineral Water on my very own Hello Kitty martini glass :)
I loved this party. Kaylee had a blast and I had an amazing time creating it. My sweet little girl deserved every last detail.

I was beyond thrilled to have the party featured on the blog of Amy Atlas yesterday–what a sweet dream!Vendor Credits

Sweet Shoppe Printable Party Kit: PaperGlitter (embellished with hello Kitty stickers)
Paper Flowers Printable Templates: PaperGlitter

Play Money Printables with Editable Text Feature:

Lollicakes: Posh Nosh Cakery in Miami, FL
Cupcakes: Misha’s Cupcakes in Miami, FL
Hello Kitty Cookies: Cookie Mamas
Japanese Candies: Hot Topic Stores & Tim’s Oriental in Homestaed, FL
Donuts: Mandarin Gourmet Donuts in Miami, FL

Brown Gable Boxes: The Container Store
Twine: The Twinery

Washi Tape (decorating the Lollicakes): Le Box Boutique

Hello Kitty Table Mats: Free download at Sanrio

Dotted Paper Straws: Hey Yo Yo

Origami Paper Stars: Origami Palace

Brown Paper Bags with Magenta Ribbon & Hello Kitty Lunchbox : Target stores
Magenta clear cups and paper lanters: Party City stores