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I could really use your input / Podria usar mucho de tu ayuda

 I need your input.  I really do.  I love being able to offer editable party kits so you personalize kits for your children, no matter if the party is big or small–let’s face it personalized party printables are just awesome. But there is a small group of my customer base that is abusing this service and exploiting the files to resell them , print and sell etc. and claiming my photos as their own for their “business”. I may be forced to stop offering editable party kits and just offer non-editable kits that I personalize for you. But then–where does that leave the customers who use the kits as intended?

(1) Would you pay a premium of $25 to have a personalized non-editable kit?

(2) Would you want printed & shipped items of the personalized kits?

xoxo  Linnette
Queridos fans:
Necesito su opinión! Me encanta ofrecer kits editables para sus fiestas, para que ustedes mismos los puedan editar para sus hijos sin importar si la fiesta es grande o pequeña. Vamos a ser honestos, los imprimibles editables para fiestas son fabulosos! Pero hay una minoría de gente que compra mis productos que están abusando de este servicio y están explotando de mis archivos para después venderlos o los imprimen y los venden, etc. y están reclamando a mis fotos como si fueran de sus “negocios”. Este dilema me está forzando a que deje de ofrecer kits editables para fiestas y solo ofrecer kits que yo personalice por ustedes. Pero me pongo a pensar que estoy privando a mis clientes que están utilizando los kits de la manera correcta. Tengo estas preguntas:

1- Estarían dispuestos a pagar $25 dólares por un kit que yo personalizo por ustedes?

2- Les gustarían artículos personalizados por mí, ya imprimidos y se los mandaría por correo?

Necesito mucho de su ayuda y opinión. Gracias!

un abrazo-Linnette

NEW in the shop! Ice Cream Truck Favor Boxes

It’s up! The new Ice Cream truck favor boxes are ready! And for one week ONLY –get 2 colors for the price of one! Mention your 2 color options in a message upon check out :)

See more details in the SHOP!


Sneak Peek: NEW ice cream Trucks

I wanted to show you how cool it is to close the new truck boxes—clever little flap is closed using a little velcro so the box is super re-usable and no need to use tape to seal it shut :) Wheels are made from punched 2 inch circles. What do you think?
They will be in the shop soon!

TIPS: Make a Party in a Box!


NEW to the Shop: Printable Bee Party Kit

Would it not be the cutest thing to buy a printable party kit , print & assemble it and gifting it to someone special?

Presenting the new Bee Printable Party Kit.  I have had a Bee Invitation in the shop which has gotten a lot of inquiries for matching items.  I finally got around to doing an entire Bee kit full of printable goodies for a bee themed party.  The kit has fabulous text editable fields so you can personalize for any occasion like birthdays, baby showers “sip and see” parties or anything at all really.  And I have tested the fonts in Spanish so all Spanish characters work well  :)

I was very inspired by my friend Ilu of  Fresh-Linen in doing this kit.  Bee parties are very popular now.   I had the honor of attending Ilu’s daughter’s firt birthday party and I was instanlty enamoured by the simplicity and modern details Ilu so preciously added to the event.  I am all kawaii and everything I do HAS to have a face on it, it seems.  Ilu has a great design sensibility for modern and clean-crip design solutions.  So when I approached this theme I wanted to add a bit of modern accents throughout the graphics and I was happily surprised to see the outcome. I really like the beehive with hearts icon—so simple and cute!  Thank you Ilu for inspiring this little bee :)

The Bee printable Party Kit has pdf template files for making cupcake topper, cupcake wrappers, cake toppers, flags, a “pin the bee to the hive” game , favor boxes , stationery items like invitation and menus and many many decorating items. The kit is on sale at %33 off until Friday!  Check out all the details in the SHOP  :)  Have a BEE-utiful week!


Studio Pic {thursday instead of Friday!}

Studio Pic this week is going to be today instead of tomorrow as I try to put out some fires!

By request, I took the mini bus from the shop and made it BIGGER at 5.5 inches!  And to my surprise, it is VERY sturdy.  Printed on 110lb cheap card stock. The template is a basic “rectangle” based box  with no wheels on the template. The actual wheels are punched out with 2 inch circle puncher from a separate sheet.  I layered  three of these 2 inch circles to make one wheel before taping to bus.  The layering of the circles added an AMAZING stability to the bus box!  Editable text included . 

This would make a cute project for teacher appreciation week or a back to school party favor or decoration for a classroom! Can you imagine this bus on “Mrs. White’s” desk?  Too kawaii!

Will post it for sale next week. I have a neat way of closing the box that I will reveal next week.   Have a great weekend!


Paper Glitter is 3 years old! + NEW mini paper flowers in the shop!

 3 years ago the Paper Glitter Etsy Shop was born!

I want to take a moment to thank you all for following this story….for yet ANOTHER year! It has been a blessed 3 years. Who knew so many people had an interest in printing and making cute paper stuff from home!?

I have a few ways that I would like to celebrate the occasion but due to the busy week we all have (teacher appreciation week and mother’s day, etc.) I will resume the festivities for next week instead. In the meantime, enjoy this sweet photo I took to celebrate the 3rd anniversary.  These were made using NEW mini-sized paper flowers that I just posted in the shop.

Funny thing: The concept behind these cupcakes were supposed to be “flowers in a flower pot”. But then something interesting happened.  I found all these great objects around my desk and some printed paper from photo shoots and I went all “indie” on them!  I think I liked this approach better  :)

I will post a photo tutorial of how I made the toppers in the coming days–I have to put out some fires first!  But to give you a hint, the flowers are hot glued to a golf tee (flat top of tee makes it an awesome sturdy plane for the flower) and then I inserted the tee into a plastic straw—-to make the stem sterile to insert into a cupcake and for added height and green color.  I don’t know what golf tees are made from so just to be safe 😉 I bet these would look great inserted inside striped paper straws!

Have a sweet day!

xoxo Linnette


NEW in the shop: Pencil Calling Cards {can be used for teacher appreciation week}

I have been scrambling to find a good and thoughtful gift for next week’s Teacher Appreciation.  In posting today’s Studio Pic I was brainstorming with a Facebook fan (lovely and smart Heather!) to have the cards out soon in time for teacher appreciation week rather than for later on.

So here is the pitch:  You buy the file which has 10 cards on a page  + personalize using Adobe Acrobat Reader + print on card stock or on Avery Business card pre-cut paper and voila!  I thought you could also include a CD of the file in case the teacher wants to make more  :)

This is the ONLY Paper Glitter product with an extended license agreement which clears purchaser to making 10 copies of the file for gift giving.  Not bad right?

See the deets HERE!


Studio Pic Friday: Calling Cards

I was making some mommy calling cards for me…then I got to think maybe you would like some too?  Thinking of offering some for the shop with editable text features.
Have a great weekend!
Estaba haciendo unas tarjetas (momo calina cards)  para mi y pensé quizás debiera hacerlas disponible en la tienda con texto evitable.  Si?  No?
Que tengas un lindo fin de semana!

NEW Strawberry Party Kit and PRE-ORDER sale!

So BERRY excited to introduce to you the new Strawberry Printable Party Kit! I can not tell you how many requests I have had for this theme.  Many moms emailed me with the desire for this them as they wanted another option aside from the commercial Strawberry Shortcake line (which …I love as well!).

This was truly a labor of love as I worked quite hard trying to established a new signature style for shooting all new party kits from now on.  This shoot took forever and was redone 3 times! You will see a Large Coloring sheet backdrop (which is sold separately) and more decorating ideas for your parties. This party kit is full of cute strawberry printables and my favorite part is the giant strawberry boxes which are easy to make.  There are quite a few pages that come with Text Editable features so you can personalize this Strawberry Party Kit as you please.  The kit is on sale for $10 until Monday and then price jumps to $15.  The files will be sent on Tuesday (but I am shooting for Monday).

Find the NEW Strawberry Printable Party Kit HERE
Find the Coloring Sheet backdrop HERE
And if you just want to buy the Strawberry Boxes separate, I have listed them on their own HERE.

Scroll down for a list of where I got my supplies.

STRAWBERRY PRINTABLE PARTY KIT (with editable text feature-you personalize):

Coloring Page at 3 x 4 feet was printed at Staples for $4.99 + tax

Super affordable from Le Box Boutique! Ask for 4 inch green-twisty ties.
(Approx. price) Set of 50 ties for $2.25 + $1.60 shipping)


Michael’s (in the scrapbook paper racks)

Jo Ann’s

Jo Ann’s



Paris Kit and New Strawberry Boxes SALE!

Short announcement as I want you to be able to take advantage of this 24 hour only sale! Today ONLY you can get the Paris Printable Party Kit at 50% and for only $5!!! Get your Paris Kit HERE.

And second, we have NEW strawberry JUMBO boxes in 2 yummy colors! And if you buy one color, you get both free for the next 24 hours! You can see the pink strawberry boxes HERE and the red strawberry boxes HERE!

More news to come soon! xoxo Linnette


Studio Pic Friday!

I just realized I forgot to post last week’s studio pic! I have attached it and a new one for this week. I am close to revel to you all our new Strawberry Printables! Stay tuned—here are some peeks! Have a great weekend!


Studios Pics Friday!

My apologies for forgetting to post these on Friday! I posted them on Facebook and completely forgot to do so here!

Here are works in progress in the studio–hope you are having a great weekend!


NEW to the shop! Sewing / Craft Printable Invitation Card!

I wanted to introduce our new Sewing / Craft Party Invitation! The idea with this printable is a cute embroidery card with the personalized invitation details for any birthday, shower or event of your choice! The invitation comes in a whopping 15 + design/color options and more are being added by request. Another cute detail of this printable card is that it comes with a personalized measuring tape and some tiny “unwrap me” flags. What are those tiny flags for? I thought it would be so cute to wrap the invitation in your standard yarn hiding all of the party details until unwrapped! Find the invitation in the shop!


TIPS!: Craft Paper Printables

Print coloring sheets on brown paper & add color with pencils!

For craft paper coloring, soft lead pencils such as Prismacolor Pencils are suggested as they show much brighter on craft paper.

UPDATE: Just listed the above coloring page paper cake boxes! More pics will be posted on the blog next week. but if you need to buy it ASAP–it is available now in the shop!