New printable kawaii Dutch stationery set

09_cute+girl+printable+stationery+netherlands+dutch+holland+blonde+kawaii+papercraft+favor+box+cute+paper+craft+idea+kids+activity+starwberry+shortcake+editable+text+personalized+big+large+box copy

02_cute+girl+printable+stationery+netherlands+dutch+holland+blonde+kawaii+papercraft+favor+box+cute+paper+craft+idea+kids+activity+starwberry+shortcake+editable+text+personalized+big+large+box copy


03_cute+girl+printable+stationery+netherlands+dutch+holland+blonde+kawaii+papercraft+favor+box+cute+paper+craft+idea+kids+activity+starwberry+shortcake+editable+text+personalized+big+large+box copy

Aren’t kawaii stationery sets the cutest?  Especially if they come in printable form!  Just added a new kawaii Dutch girl set (Hallo! to our friends in the Netherlands) featuring those lovely Holland tulips!  There is editable text features in this set so you can personalize many of the pages.  The set comes packed with 15 printable pages that include envelope templates, note papers, pattern papers, stickers, greeting card, gift tags, letterhead papers which are lined by the way and many other pieces. Find the set in our online shop and also in our Etsy shop!

p.s.  big thank you to my friend Ilenia who inspired me to do this theme.


  1. Michele said:
    November 18, 2013 11:30 pm   Reply 

    I love this idea. Typically when giving as a gift how many of each item do you include?

    • paperglitter said:
      November 19, 2013 10:53 pm   Reply 

      Hi Michelle! I typically print half a dozen pieces of each item :) make a real nice stash to give away! -Linnette

  2. Ilenia said:
    December 16, 2013 6:42 pm   Reply 

    This set is just sooo beautiful and I could not be more happy that you designed it especially for Nabiki! Thanks Linnette you are so talented!!! Hugs, Ilenia

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