When I started offering party kits in 2009 it was a dream come true .  And to have them in my own shop was just unreal!  A very satisfying feeling indeed.  Above is the first one I made which I created for my daughter for her 1st. birthday.

Since then, I have grown a lot and have gotten quite busy, and I am forever thankful for each and every sale!  I have gotten so busy that I has become a definite “we” and I thank those fabulous people that have helped Paper Glitter and are currently valuable assets to its growth.  But I did not believe in my wildest dreams that piracy would be such a huge issue.  I see virtual party girl friends of mine also fall victim to the piracy that has hijacked many of our hard work by so many around the world.  I am quite disappointed that there are plenty that do not have respect for other’s work  and do as they see fit with our files for their own monetary gain.  I am quite baffled and no matter how many times this is brought up, none of the culprits speak up to help us understand what reasons they may have. I used to be angry at these things but now I am just overcome with just disappointment.

But, we have to learn how to not loose sleep over this.  We must adjust. We must move on.  We must be better. And evolving is a must.

Starting in March, all party kits will be sold as “decorating kits”. All invitations will not be included and invitations will be sold separately which we would personalize for you via an un-editable file. The goal is to have all decorating party kits to editable text kits so you can still personalize some items, but matching invites will be a flat file. One of the few steps we decided to take to better protect our files from piracy. We hate to do this but know in our hearts that our customers and fans will understand.  Thank you all for your sweet support xo


  1. January 18, 2013 12:27 pm   Reply 

    I feel your pain, Linette. As you know, I started in 2009 as well for my own daughter’s party and now if I search on Etsy, it makes my stomach hurt. Hundreds of shops have opened that duplicate my simple designs, layouts, themes, products and even product names. It started from day one and has continued every day since. As you are “evolving”, I evolved quite a long time ago and stopped caring. It’s not worth the stress and time. I know it’s hard to ignore, but I have to. I let it fuel me to be more creative and come up with new ideas. You are very lucky that you are such a talented illustrator that your designs are not easily replicated. My design skills are quite basic, so anyone can duplicate them. Of course it makes me sad, but I have moved on to grow my business in other areas, like styling and the supply shop to compensate for the over-saturation of our market. Just keep up what you are doing! You’re amazing! If you need a great lawyer, let me know! 😉 xoxo

    • paperglitter said:
      January 18, 2013 12:36 pm   Reply 

      Yes Kim. You and I have spoken about these things way to many times. Just terrible. But evolving is needed now. I have seen how you have grown and moved into other areas and I think that was a very smart move! One dream I have had was having a stationery shop (tangible goodies) which I am starting to build with a few items to see how it goes. Since I started working on that project with the help of my husband, I have had a sense of peace. Feels really good. Thank you for chiming in and for the very sweet compliments. You know I always wish you the very best!

  2. Kelle L. said:
    January 18, 2013 12:48 pm   Reply 

    I think this is a smart move and I’m very relieved! When I read “bittersweet announcement,” I was petrified you were shutting your shop down or removing all your printable files! I love your work, and I can’t believe others don’t respect it. It must be hard to see other people benefitting from all your hard work and not getting the credit you deserve. I’m looking forward to my next birthday party kit order (I have 2 little girls with birthdays in March and April) even without the invitations included. :)

  3. Fara said:
    January 18, 2013 2:56 pm   Reply 

    Really good move Linette! Me asusté por un momento, porque pensé que te perdiamos como diseñadora de printables. Gracias a Dios no es así! Como siempre te digo eres muy talentosa y un ejemplo a seguir. Estoy muy agradecida por tu amistad y te apoyo siempre. Te deseo lo mejor!
    Un abrazo,

  4. Chacoy said:
    January 18, 2013 5:31 pm   Reply 

    You were my very fist purchase as a printable, you were not only very kind, accommodating and patient with me but the party turned out amazing! My point is that if everyone feels the same way I do, it will be fine(;
    I think it’s horrible people do this to others because they wouldn’t want it done to them. karma works in mysterious ways….
    I must admit my heart skipped a beat with the “bitter-sweet” in your post.
    Thank you Linette for sharing your amazing ability with those of us who truly appreciate it!

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